Key Personnel & Designated Person Responsible for Compliance Matter

Chief Executive Officer

Datuk Nellie Sikodol is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and a Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Datuk Nellie joined Saham Sabah Berhad on 12 September 1994 as a Finance Manager and was promoted to Senior Finance Manager on 30 December 1997. She was the Company Secretary for SSB from 17 December 2004 until 31 December 2008. She was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and a non-independent member of the Investment Committee of SSB on 1 January 2009. Prior to joining the Company, she was attached to the Sabah Rubber Industry Board as the Senior Accountant following a one year attachment with an accounting firm in London.


Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Encik Hassan Abbas holds a Diploma in Business Studies from MARA University of Technology (UiTM). On leaving UiTM, he joined Permodalan Bumiputra Sabah Berhad (PBSB) as an Investment Executive in the Research and Planning Department. In 1983 he was sent to London for a one-year attachment with a British Stock Broking firm, Laurence Keen and Partners. There he was exposed to the various aspects of the Stock Broking business such as research, dealing, operations and finance. While he was in London, he was given the opportunity to be attached with the London Stock Exchange, Commodity Broking firm, Foreign Bank and the oldest Investment Trust firm called Foreign and Colonial PLC. Prior to that, he was trained at Permodalan Nasional Berhad and G.K. Goh Stockbrokers Pte Ltd.


On his return to Malaysia, he spent over 2 years with PBS Securities Sdn Bhd, a fund management company. To expand his experience in share investment he left the company and moved to TA Securities Berhad in 1986 as a stock and share dealer for corporate clients. After 2 years with the company, he joined CIMB Securities Sdn Bhd as a Vice President in the Corporate & Institutional dealing department. He left in 1994 to join Saham Sabah Berhad as a Manager heading the Investment Department. He was appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer on 1 January 2009.


Senior Compliance Manager/ Company Secretary (LS 0008495)

Ms. Aisah Sayadi is responsible for overseeing all matters relating to compliance for SSB and SAS. She joined SSB on 1 September 1994, and has 8 years of investment operations experience before being appointed to head the Compliance Department on 2 January 2003. Prior to joining SSB, she was with the Investigation Unit of the Inland Revenue Department, Kota Kinabalu. She holds a BA (Honours) in Political Economy and a Master of Human Capital Management. She was appointed as the Company Secretary on 1 January 2009.



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